Urology For Women

At Urology Associates of Rochester, we understand that women are a different type of healthcare consumer.  Women ask more questions, demand more education, and participate more actively in their healthcare.  We designed Urology for Women to meet those unique needs with excellence and compassion.  From stones to cancer, and infections to incontinence, we offer excellence in diagnostics, education and management for your urologic concerns.

Some of the conditions we treat are:

Female Sexual Health

Female sexual dysfunction is much more common than previously thought. Affecting women of all ages, female sexual dysfunction is influenced by psychological and physical factors. A woman’s attitude towards her body, the act of intercourse, and her partner can cause sexual dysfunction. Physical factors such as muscle spasms, the health of the circulatory system (such as HTN), diabetes and hormone imbalances are also major influences. Experts categorize sexual dysfunction as one or more of the following:

  • Decreased libido, or sexual desire
  • Anorgasmia, or lack of orgasm
  • Painful Intercourse, or dyspareunia
  • Vaginal Dryness, or decreased lubrication

 Urology Services for Men and Women